대표이사 : 심 휘 원

주소 : Kieu Đong - Hong Thai - An Duong - Hai Phong City - Viet Nam

사업분야 :각종 Jig 류, 금형(PRESS) ,부품 가공 , 포장 ,조립 ,버핑 , 샌딩,MRO 기업 소모성 자재/한.중.베 무역 구매 대행

Email: b2b@hlsvina.com.

Goods and services provided.

Machinery and technology.

Press machine Hanil

Press machine

Latch Machine OKUMA

Wire cuting machine Fanuc Tape Cut

Metal folding machine

Lazer Cutting machine table

Hydraulic Hole Punching machine

Press machine JH

Milling machine Promill Smart - 3530

Offer Letter

Dear company,

HLS Import-Export and Trading Co., Ltd would like to send our respectful greetings to your company.

Our company has strengths in the field of manufacturing and industrial products imported directly from Korea and China.

With a team of enthusiastic and dynamic staff, our company is currently affirming its brand position in the market and trusting customers.

Currently our company is providing goods and services for strategic partners inside and outside Hai Phong, our products are being supplied to large industrial zones such as DEEP C, Trang Due... and are being constantly expanding to all provinces in the country. In particular, we are also one of the main vendors of Imarket Vietnam Company, and the first-level agent of Tectyl Oil.

Now, our company would like to send to you this open letter with the hope that your company has more choices and we have more new loyal customers:

Company products:

- Machinery, equipment and electronic components imported from Korea and China.

- Solder paste, solder tin, tool cabinet, grinding stone, sandpaper, belt, industrial wheel...

- Processing and manufacturing working tables, shelves, structural frames, jigs to support production...

With the strength of imported goods and production processing techniques, our company is confident to bring the most satisfaction to customers when coming to us.

If you want to cooperate with us, please contact:

Website: hlsvina.com Tel: 0963775430 / 0886811092

Thank you very much for your attention to this offer letter!

Best regards !

Partners and customers